Preferred Rooms

Started On: 02/28/2009 2:47 pm

Just wanted to make a quick comment that we really enjoyed staying in Trinidad North. Only three buildings means there aren't many people sharing your pool and beach, so they stay pretty empty compared to the others! Love the photos here, by the way! CBR feels like our home away from home! Joe & Cindy
I've heard a lot of good things about Trinidad North. We've stayed in Martinique and enjoyed it as well. It's nice to be close to Old Port Royale and the Custom House.

03/12/2009 11:51 pm

We are looking forward to our visit to CBR. DH and I are heading down there in Aug 09 for our 25th Anniversary. I have pictures of the resort as my screen saver, so in a sense I am there now. LOL Does anyone know what country the king beds are in? We paid for a king size bed room, and I don't know if I can request a certain building. Really as long as we get the bigger bed I don't care where it is, just wondering where we will be. Are they peppered all over the resort, or in one section? Thanks. Caroline

07/14/2009 1:37 am

A Disney Chat person told me the Kings were in Trinidad North.

09/03/2009 6:09 pm

Thanks for that info about the king beds!

11/07/2009 7:39 pm

do you know if there are just double and king or is there queen size beds as well ?

11/11/2009 11:31 pm

We stayed in Martinique in October. Room 2555. I couldn't ask for a better area. Our room overlooked the water .... we could see Illuminations without leaving our room .... we were steps away from the main pool and Old Port Royale. A magical location!

11/17/2009 4:27 am