What villages are your favorites?

Started On: 02/28/2009 3:32 am

We've stayed in Aruba and Trinidad South and really enjoyed Trinidad South because it was so quiet. It was a loooong walk to the pool and food court, but the quiet beach and sunsets from the hammocks were worth it! Tammy
Those hammocks in Trinidad South are great, aren't they! Aruba's never been my favorite village, but I think it's just because I don't like the color as much! dcb

03/02/2009 12:27 am

My wife and I are DVC members and AKL is out home resort, but CBR was the first we ever visited @ Disney, so it has a very special place in our hearts. Our favorite village(s) are Aruba and Jamaica. We ALWAYS stay her because it gives a full flavor of the resort because we are obligated to walk over Caribbean (we loved when it was called Parrot Cay, by the way) Cay. It really gives you the full feel of the resort. To get to the pool or Old Port Royale, you have this immersive walk over the lush island and it's a nice touch to every morning.

03/30/2010 1:45 pm

Get out of bed and walk around the lake in the morning. It's special. You hear the birds and see animals that hide during the day. The mist on the lake is magical (no pun intended) and you just want to take it all in. This will be our fifth trip to CBR and it is just as wonderful as the first.

05/05/2010 4:26 am

This will be our first stay at CBR and we are trying to decide which village to stay in, these suggestions are great. There will be 8 of us and last time we tried to at least eat together, if we stay in either Aruba or Jamaica is the walk across the Caribbean Cay very far away? It is hard to tell on the map. And how often do the buses run?

05/12/2010 7:48 pm

We just stayed in Aruba March 17th-March24. Aruba and Jamaica are the closest resorts to the "action" without paying the extra money for a special room. Aruba and Jamaica are about a 10 minute walk to Old Port Royale. It is nice to take the short-cut through the Cay to get there and here the music playing. It is a little tedious to have to walk there to eat and we never made the walk just to refil our mugs. you can take internal busing to get there but it won't save any time. Busses were regular and frequent. Shortest wait would have been 5 minutes, we never waited longer than 20 minutes to get a bus to any park or Downtown Disney. We did have to wait longer than 20 minutes frequently to be picked up, though. It SEEMED like the "POPS" were picked up more frequently.

06/01/2010 8:33 pm