Caribbean Beach Resort Throwdown: Martinique vs. Jamaica

Jamaica… or Martinique

And the result is…a toss-up between the two! With 15 solid votes for Martinique non-preferred and 14 solid votes for Jamaica, it was nearly a tie on our Facebook fan page. And some folks just couldn’t decide. One Facebooker said, “My 2 favorites!!!! Can’t choose!”

But others definitely preferred one more than the other, and told us why. One Facebooker said, “Going by the location of both, I would have to go with Martinique.” Another said, “Martinique…hands down…but wish it was preferred/water view!” Another added, “Martinique- makes the bus ride easier.” So Martinique seems to be the choice for those wanting ease of location, location, location.

But others were adamant in their preference for Jamaica. One comment: “Jamaica because it’s at the end of the bridge!” One says simply, “Jamaica, any day!” Another gives us these thoughts: “We love Jamaica because you get the full flavor of the entire resort. You get the seclusion of the outer villages and you get to walk over Caribbean Cay (Parrot Cay really!) every day.” So if what you want is a quieter atmosphere and a walk over the Caribbean Cay bridge, then Jamaica should be your choice.

A few more Facebook fans said they had only stayed in one area or the other and couldn’t make a decision. They said, “We love Jamaica, but haven’t stayed in Martinque to compare it to.” Another says, “Have stayed in Aruba, and Jamaica, not Martinique yet, maybe next time!” And a third adds, “Martinique. Haven’t stayed in Jamaica.”

So ultimately, the decision is up to you. Aside from prime location (Martinique) vs. lush seclusion (Jamaica), the differences are few. One is that Jamaica has its own playground, while Martinique shares one with Barbados. But both have their own quiet pool, guest laundry facilities, bus stop, and beach.

Still can’t decide? Then base it on the colors of the buildings!

Jamaica’s buildings are painted in sunny yellow and blue, with white lattice-work and a blue roof. Martinique’s buildings are painted in light and dark blue with accents of pink. There is white lattice-work and a coral colored roof on each building.

Or, you could just toss a coin. Either way, your stay at Caribbean Beach should be a great one!

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