Coconut Postcards are Fun for Everyone!

Coconut Postcard

Are you looking to go a little nuts sending a souvenir back home from your Walt Disney World vacation? Why not tell the folks back home that you’re having a great time by sending them a coconut!

Our friends over at Walt Disney World for Grown Ups just published a fantastic story about sending coconuts home as a greeting, and the Gift Shop at Disney’s Caribbean Beach is just one of the locations where you can pick up this fun correspondence! Coconut “postcards” have been drained of their milk to make for an exciting treat from the tropics. “One side of the coconut is painted with the words ‘Greetings from Walt Disney World’ and the other side leaves room for a personal message.” Be sure to pack a sharpie in your bags so that you can send a personal and unique message.

You’ll be the talk of the post office when local mail men start delivering these fun gifts. The coconut postcards cost about $20 and Priority mail postage is included in the price. Can you think of any way more fun to send greetings home? I can’t wait to send these to my friends and family next time I’m down in “the World.”