Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort Location

Trinidad North Bus Stop

When choosing a resort, many of us are concerned about how far it will be to each of the Disney theme parks. No one wants to spend their entire vacation riding buses. For those who are planning to stay at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort, they will be happy to know that the location is right in the thick of it.

Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort is located on Buena Vista Drive, just a few streets down from Disney’s Hollywood Studios and the other Epcot Resorts. This makes access to Epcot and Disney’s Hollywood Studios particularly quick. According to Google Maps, Disney’s Hollywood Studios is a 2 mile drive and Epcot is a 4 miles away.

Disney’s Magic Kingdom is also about 4 miles away and Animal Kingdom is the furthest away at 5.0 miles. Thus Disney’s Hollywood Studios is the shortest trip and Animal Kingdom is the longest. However realistically the distance to the parks makes limited difference in how long it will take to get to each of the parks.

The real deciding factor in how long it will take to get to a given theme park is how long you have to wait for a bus and how many stops it has to make before it gets on the road. As you can see from our FAQ one bus will pick up all Caribbean Beach guests and drop them off. So how long it will take you to get there will depend heavily on whether you are at the first or last bus stop.

Additionally another key will be how often the buses come. Generally buses run every 20 minutes at the most and often come more frequently. In general it makes sense to budget at least 45 minutes for getting to the parks at a minimum and more during peak times like park opening or if you have a member of your party who is a bit slower getting around.

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