Favorite Caribbean Beach Resort memories

Relaxing in a hammock and watching IllumiNations are favorite CBR memories.

We recently asked our wonderful facebook fans: What’s your best Caribbean Beach Resort memory? And they shared some wonderful experiences.

Not surprisingly, many of these memories revolve around relaxing in a comfy hammock.

Bertrand C. said his favorite memory is “Early morning coffee in a resort mug in a hammock alone.”

Angela O. said hers was, “napping in a hammock with my hubbie after our 11-hour drive!”

And Michele B. said, “Laying in a hammock with my husband, while my kids played on the playground and we watched Illuminations, what a relaxing night!!”

Many more CBR memories revolve around seeing the happiness of children.

For Suzy G., her favorite memory was “the look on my kids’ faces when we opened the door to our pirates themed room!”

Keith K. ‎said he has been to CBR three times. He recommends a ‘beach’ night, which was one of his favorite memories: “You and loved one (+kids if any) make sand castles, stroll the beach @ sunset (great pics). Then go back to the room and order pizza delivery. Nice relaxing night to offset the craziness. Also, pizza is just 2 table service but feeds 4+!”

Shelly P. said her favorite CBR memory is that of her latest vacation in August: “The staff there is so… accommodating. We took the time to really hang out at the pools this past trip and truly appreciate the resort. Ahhhhh…”

Vikki M. said her special memory was seeing IllumiNations fireworks from her balcony during Christmas 2008, while Mario M. said his special time was his honeymoon in 1989. “It was in October and the weather was beautiful,” he said. “That began a trend of going back to Disney World every few years. We do that now with our 3 children.”

Pam L. said her favorite memory was swimming at the main pool at night. “We could see the Epcot fireworks from the hot tub,” she said.

Christopher G.said, “After taking 9 trips to WDW as a kid and always staying off-property, CBR was the first on-property hotel I ever stayed at. You can’t beat that first trip. Well, maybe the first time I took my “then” girlfriend (now wife) to WDW with me and we stayed there on our first trip together.”

Many more couldn’t pinpoint just one certain memory. Here’s what they had to say:

“I love everything about Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort. I get teary-eyed watching our video we made of our vacation at Disney World this July. My youngest asked to go back everyday.” – Lynda L.

“I’ve been to CBR 3 x’s and love everything about it!! But I remember the 1st time pulling in the parking lot to go check in, then walking around and sitting by the pool and saying to my family, I can’t believe we are finally staying here! That’s why we’ve been there 3 x’s and hope there will be more!” – Dawn O.

I’ve also had the pleasure of staying at CB three times, most recently last November, and really can’t choose a favorite memory!! Everything about CB is great. Feeding the ducks outside Centertown is always fun though. Can’t wait to go back again someday! – Tiffany C.

What’s your favorite Caribbean Beach Resort memory? Leave a comment below!

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