NEWS! Resort Refurbishment Update

Room Updates

We are seeing news trickling in that the rooms at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort are being refurbished.

The updates including switching out the current double beds to queen size beds! All rooms will be updated with new beds, except those rooms with king size beds and the pirate-themed rooms.

All of the resort’s villages are going through this refurbishment, and once completed most (not all) of the rooms will finally be able to accommodate 5 guests – with the addition of a bunk-size fold-down bed!

The room refurbishments are expected to be completed in the spring of 2015, so if you’re staying at Caribbean Beach between now and then be sure to ask which rooms have been updated (and try to request a queen size bed!). You might also want to make sure that you know which rooms are being worked on so that you aren’t given a room near the work zone.

If you happen to stay in one of the updated rooms, please leave us a comment and let us know what other changes (if any) were made! And send us photos or post them to our Facebook page.

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