Reader Poll: What Do You Most Look Forward to at Caribbean Beach Resort?

The Caribbean Beach Resort theme pool

We polled our facebook fan page members to see what it is that they look forward to most at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort.

Well, cue the steel drums and warm breeze… then grab yourself a fruity drink, because the resort’s tropical feel is what our fans say they most look forward to at CBR.

One Facebooker shared that they most look forward to “the beachy feel while visiting my favorite place on Earth!” Another said it’s “the feeling that I am on an ‘island’ on vacation.”

More things you look forward to – the beautiful resort grounds. Many cited the tropical landscaping as some of what they most look forward to. One said, “I love the wide open feel about the place… it can be heaving full but it still feels good.”

Others said they love the steel drum music. One Facebooker said they love to walk around the lake as the steel drum music plays. Another said they look forward to just walking around the resort because it is beautiful and relaxing.

Some most look forward to seeing some of their favorite cast members. One said they most look forward to seeing “my favorite bartenders at the Banana Cabana!” and another said they look forward to seeing their friends at Old Port Royale.

And the theme pool? Who can forget that? One commenter says, “Seeing my kids faces when they see the themed pool!” Another commenter immediately chimed in, “Ditto – Kids + pool = priceless.”

One said they look forward to a specific pool experience: seeing the fireworks from the parks at night while swimming in the pool. Sounds both relaxing and magical! And another said they look forward to relaxing in a hammock with their spouse. Ahhhhhh, I can feel the tension melting away just thinking about it.

Another Facebooker said they enjoy not only the theme pool and the grounds of the resort, but also the colorful buildings. They added, “It’s my favorite place in the whole world!”

A few other things you most look forward to: Old Port Royale, Shutters Restaurant, and the pirate-themed rooms! Arrrrr Matey, set sail for Caribbean Beach Resort!

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