The Villages of Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort

Jamaica Village
Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort is made up of six different villages – each with their own identity, architecture, and charm.

Trinidad North is located closest to the Old Port Royale and is therefore a favorite of guests. The village is centered between OPR Centertown and Trinidad South, and has three buildings (31, 32, and 33). It’s the only village with just three buildings.

Trinidad South is located between Jamaica and Trinidad North and is one of the more remote and secluded areas of the resort. If you stay in this village you need to factor in a 10-15 minute walk to Old Port Royale, or use the resort’s bus service.

The “pirate rooms” at Caribbean Beach Resort are also located in the Trinidad South village. These rooms feature beds shaped like pirate ships, dressers that look old crates, and great pirate theming. The rooms do cost more than a “standard” room, but if you have a pirate fan in the family it’s worth the cost.

The Aruba village is located between Jamaica and Barbados, and the village’s Building 51 is closest to the bridge to Caribbean Cay. If you want to be closest to the village’s quiet pool request a room in Buildings 52-55.

Barbados is another village that is a good 10-15 minute walk from Old Port Royale, and it’s located across from the Customs House. A highlight of this village is that it is home to the resort’s volleyball courts and is also close to the nature walk bridges.

The Jamaica village is located between Trinidad South and Aruba. And Martinique is another preferred location at the resort due to its close proximity to Old Port Royale. It’ll cost guests more to stay in buildings 24, 25, and 26.

Each village has its own quiet pool, laundry area, bus stop, and beach. The villages of Barbados, Jamaica, and Trinidad North and South also have their own playground areas.

Which village do you prefer when staying at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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